• Advice on issues of leasing and subleasing of properties, such as commencement, challenge and monitoring of eviction for nonpayment of rent and lease attachments, dump shares, execution of leases, shares of revision of rent and lease renewals , consignment stock in payment and troubleshooting of preemptive rights, improvements, guarantees locatícias, rental for the season, and others;
  • Conflict resolution in condominiums, such as collection of condominium charges ordinary and extraordinary, compilation, analysis and rectification of condominium agreements, resolving problems related to the deliberations and meetings, apportionment of common costs, rights and duties of liquidators and residents, use of common area, maintenance of animals at the property, misuse of property, fines, disciplinary, civil liability for damage to the condominium, the accounts of the liquidator and other members of the governing body, among others;
  • Advice on issues from the purchase and sale of property, such as problems of default and repentance, and resilição contract termination, refunds of amounts paid, award compulsory granting of final deed, release incident mortgage on the property, property in lieu of payment , collection of brokerage fees, and others;
  • Verification of ownership and existence of liens on urban and rural properties, enabling a transaction without any risk to the seller and buyer;
  • Advice on issues of construction and real estate development, such as liability for defects in the property, verification of the building and the incorporation, damage to the environment, problems embargo works, damages, liability of engineers and architects;
  • Real estate consulting and drafting contracts of sale, barter, payment in kind, mortgages, leases residential, commercial, for the season, lending, and others;
  • Consulting, development and review of deeds and contracts for the purchase, sale and leasing of various properties such as land, houses, apartments, condos, lots, shopping malls, stock splits and mergers;
  • Advice on real estate transactions and related construction; Contract planning, construction and property management, Mergers, dismemberment, setting up condominiums, subdivisions, business and real estate contracts: purchase and sale, leasing, lending, leasing and partnership, exchange, leasing real estate , Construction, contract and service delivery; Settlement of urban and rural properties in the records and bodies; Consulting Real Estate and Urban. Civil construction toward the 2013 Confederations Cup, FIFA World Cup 2014 and 2016 Olympics.