The FRANCO DE CAMARGO & LAWYERS ASSOCIATED are prepared to advise clients in the region of Campinas in issues related to Digital Law, Computer Technology, Internet, E-commerce, telecommunications, new media, social networking and other topics that cover the Electronic Law .

The legal team is constantly updating and able to act in the face of technological innovations. The work is grounded by extensive study of the Right to Information Law, Technology Law, Internet application phatic together toward the development of digital media and the need to adapt the law to this new reality.

With this focus, the firm provides solid advice to our clients on the likes of Digital Rights, with emphasis on the following topics:

  • Advice and Consultancy for electronic contracts;
  • Advice on legal protection of databases and networks of private companies, state entities, direct or indirect government (Local Authorities, Foundations, Public Enterprises and Societies of Mixed Economy), Regulatory Agencies, Executive Agencies;
  • Development of security policies of enterprise data;
  • Advice and legal analysis in the areas of Digital Rights, Computers, Technology, Internet, E-commerce, telecommunications, new media, social networking and other topics that cover the Electronic Law, Civil and Criminal Liability of employers and employees in the use of electronic tools;
  • Advice and legal analysis to sites and portals for legal compliance with the legal system;
  • Civil and Criminal Legal Assistance (Computer Crimes) Hacker, Cracker, Lammer, Newbie, Wannabie, Phreaker, Carder, Deface, Cyberpunk, Script Kiddies, Gray Hat, Black Hat, White Hat
  • Advisory and Consulting the occurrence of electronic fraud, security protocols, digital, security procedures, means of fraud prevention;
  • Counseling and advising on information security; legal guidance to civil liability, criminal, tax and business of the employer to provide access to digital media; Filing of shares in all administrative and judicial, extrajudicial or digital litigation, liability Civil arising from illicit behavior on the Internet, such as sending messages defamatory, threatening, disclosure of illegal, immoral, offensive or infringes the rights of personality and intellectual property, identity theft, electronic fraud, deployment of virus systems computer, computer network intrusion, tampering and destruction of data, mass sending of e-mail unsolicited (spam), among others;
  • Talks aimed to instruct corporate employees about information security and prevention mechanisms to electronic fraud
  • Verification of electronic documents;
  • Creation and revision of terms and electronic contracts;
  • Assistance for tracking / locating, identifying and civil liability and criminal liability of persons / users using electronic media for malpractice / illegal or in violation of the private and public policies for use in digital media;
  • Verification of elements such as unfair competition, breach of confidentiality, piracy, copyright, privacy, freedom of expression, new technologies and electronic media, in electronic media;
  • Verification and opinions on the limits and powers of jurisdiction and territoriality of legal problems within the Internet;
  • Follow up on issues relating to electronic commerce and applicable laws and specific species;
  • Monitoring of process related issues, digital electronics and authenticity certification, modification and tampering with electronic documents and use of digital signatures;
  • Preparation, development or revision of use and paralegals and legal information for use in websites, databases and other electronic media or technology;
  • Assistance for domain name registration, site content, resolution of problems relating to misuse or conflict of domain names or distinctive signs, such as trade names, trademarks, names civilians, nicknames, characters, book titles and geographical indications in Brazil and abroad, both at the administrative level, by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the international arbitral tribunals that adopt the Uniform Domain Name Dispute-Resolution-Policy (UDRP), and in order;
  • Legal advice on consumer rights apply to the Internet;
  • Legal guidance on the Law No. 11,774, of 09/17/2008, Law No. 11,484, of 31/05/2007, Law No. 11,452, of 27/02/2007, Law No. 11,196, of 21/11/2005, Law No. 11,077, of 30.12.2004, Law No. 10,973, of 12/02/2004, Law No. 10,664, of 22/04/2003, Law No. 10,176, of 11/01/2001, Law No. 9.609, of 19.02.1998, Law No. 8958 of 20.12.1994, Law No. 8741 of 12/03/1993, Law No. 8387 of 30.12.1991, Law No. 8248 of 23.10.1991, Law No. 8191 of 06/11/1991, Law No. 8172 of 18/01/1991, Law No. 7232 of 29.10.1984 and further standards;
  • Consultancy for all types of Internet service providers (backbone, access, email, hosting and content), aimed at preventing disputes and minimize their responsibility for the actions of its users, Filing of shares in all administrative and judicial, extrajudicial or litigation digital, such as removal or blocking of illegal content and web sites, preservation of data registration and connection with the service providers, suspending the use of domain names registered in electronic evidence, etc.;
  • Carrying out licensing agreements intellectual property rights and industrial technology transfer, technical and scientific assistance;
  • Development or revision of terms of use of the computer system;
  • Collection, maintenance and validity of evidence obtained through electronic means;
  • Auction and Electronic Auction;
  • Electronic Commerce Taxation applied to
  • Court decisions related to Internet and Technology
  • Advice for employers and employees, aiming at the adoption of best practices of conduct on Internet usage in the workplace, and the resolution of problems concerning the monitoring of electronic mail messages and visits to portals, web sites and online consumer line, Internet materials and technology to companies, corporate governance, new technologies, trends and applicable laws;

Filing of suits in all administrative and judicial, extrajudicial or digital litigation, civil and criminal matters of libel, slander and defamation committed via the Internet, as well as in cases of dissemination of unlawful dissemination of child pornography, embezzlement practice electronically, breach of confidentiality of electronic correspondence, and others;

Consulting on issues of electronic commerce, such as validity and enforceability of electronic contracts, service and product sales through the Internet, e-commerce, and problems concerning the electronic auction web sites, among others;

Advice on matters of creation, maintenance, operation, valuation and taxation of companies and web sites on the Internet;

Consulting for web designers, programmers, artists and other professionals associated with the development of web sites, Internet cafes, Internet cafes and other businesses providing similar services;

Solving problems arising from the use of computer programs (software) not original or unlicensed, violation of its terms of use, distribution and use of unauthorized copies, among others.

  • Digital Litigation Law (judicial and extrajudicial measures);
  • Advisory Digital Law (legal advice, drafting contracts and advice, among other works);
  • Contract Analysis and Information Security (IS);
  • Preparation and Review of the Terms of Confidentiality;
  • Preparation and review of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for sites and portals;
  • Development of training in-company Information Security;
  • Elections in the Internet;
  • Site Audit;
  • Monitoring of the brand on the Internet;
  • Preparation and review of the Information Security Policy (ISP) and Information Security Standards (NSI);
  • Expertise in the area of Information Technology;
  • Work off the area of Governance, Risk and Compliance.