The office FRANCO DE CAMARGO & LAWYERS ASSOCIATED has a staff of lawyers to provide advice to their clients for the most complex legal issues that permeate the Entertainment and Sports Law aiming answers and solutions to business destination. The knowledge of these harvests was achieved due to deep investment in research, collection of specific case law, publications of articles, interviews and actual demands. Thus solutions are presented to clients with safety, property and agility. Because of the breadth of the branches embraced by the office, it is now possible to provide a focus of the Sports Law in conjunction with issues of tax, labor, civil, property, aimed at surveying and analyzing the risks and opportunities of each business in the Campinas region.

Among the practices of the office, the performances in the Entertainment and Sports Law are reflected in:

  • Advice for forming companies for the administration of clubs and partnerships;
  • Guidance legal, regulatory and strategic;
  • Organization and Reorganization of entities in sport;
  • Realization of sponsorship contracts and licensing of trademark use;
  • Completion of license agreements for use of image;
  • Realization of labor contracts between clubs and players;
  • Achievement Consulting in domestic and international transactions;
  • Achievement Consulting in social security and insurance for clubs;
  • Advising investment funds;
  • Advice on all administrative and legal or extrajudicial sports litigation.
  • Consulting business in sport, sports tax, international law, EU countries among European Union members; Law for Encouragement of Amateur Sport, Football and Television;-Athlete podium.
  • Preparation, monitoring and advisory projects Sponsors encouraged;
  • Preparation, monitoring and advising on Sports Events in General;
  • Administrative and judicial litigation at all levels.
  • Issuance of detailed and reasoned opinions.