• Stocks repair liability to government in general (whether direct or indirect of the Union of States and Municipalities)
  • Public procurement in all its forms, especially competitions, taken in price, invitations etc.. in its various phases:
  • Guidance as to whether the conditions of the announcement;
  • Appeals and administrative appeals;
  • Filing injunction against illegal and abusive acts committed by the bidding committee;
  • Preparation of drafts of contracts for services, supply of materials and works;
  • Actions to recover unpaid contractual differences
  • Concessions and permission for public services - Advice for preventive judicial participation in tenders and contracts to any entity of the government (direct or indirect, joint stock companies, public companies, municipalities, foundations maintained by the Government);
  • Concession, permission and authorization of use of public goods. Goods of special use and common use
  • Public civil actions filed under the pretext of violation of property and assets of public or collective, damage to the environment, flora, fauna, etc.
  • Civil Defense Investigations initiated by the Public Prosecutor and Public Civil Action and Popular aimed collection of compensation for damage to the Treasury or alleged acts of participation and administrative misconduct