Advice for design, review and analysis of civil contracts, such as a commitment to buying and selling, buying and selling, selling on consignment, real estate development, property management, exchange or barter, gift, lease, pledge, mortgage, antichresis, medical , lodging, shopping center, creation of income, lending, loan, deposit, copyright, consortium, transport, insurance, sports, and others;

Proposition, challenge and monitoring of actions to resolve any breach of the contracts mentioned above, thus obtaining their forced compliance and compensation for losses suffered;

Proposition, challenge and monitoring of emergency measures under the Civil Law, such as asset forfeiture and seizure, search and seizure, display, security, anticipated production of evidence, justification, restraining protest, practice bombing, and others;

Troubleshooting and extra-contractual liability, both objective and subjective, whether due to voluntary noncompliance with obligations or delay by the debtor, whether due to fraud, risk and blame;

Proposition, challenge and monitoring of actions for damages to property, such as direct and indirect property losses, lost profits, damages, and others;

Proposition, challenge and monitoring of actions taken to repair damage, such as damage to the name, image, honor, dignity, embarrassment, disfigurement, concussion of the credit, too;

Proposition, challenge and monitoring of actions of accountability, payment allocation, deposit, cancellation and replacement of bearer securities;

Proposition, challenge and monitoring actions are monitored, aiming to sum payment in cash, mainly of bills and other documents prescribed without written effectiveness of an executive, as well as enforcement actions of securities such as bills of exchange, promissory notes, bills, debentures, checks, confessions of debt, public deeds of acknowledgment of debt, and others;

Proposition, challenge and monitoring of actions before the Special Civil Courts and Informal Conciliation Courts, also known as Small Claims Court;

Consultancy for preparation of reports and questions and extrajudicial, to blame, to prove, cause evidence, prevent liability, guard against damage, be late, ask for fulfillment of obligations, with the intention of obtaining an amicable settlement before the lawsuit brought among others.

  • Preparation of civil;
  • Indemnity (moral and material);
  • Possessory actions (tenure and property);
  • Opinions written or verbal;
  • Advice on Employers' Liability;
  • Drafts of contracts, monitoring of the dealings and negotiations;
  • Opinions written or verbal;
  • Assistance in cases of loss, with assistance from the regulation until the receipt of compensation;
  • Consumer relations;
  • Actions focus on the specific civil and commercial law, in any instance and in all counties and courts;
  • General liability;
  • Adverse possession, possessory and for equal rights;
  • Family law involving legal separation, revisional of alimony, child custody and other consequences of the dissolution of marriage, inventories, inventories.
  • Drafting contracts;
  • Participation in round tables to the ministry of Labor and Employment;
  • Participation in Board of Conciliation Prior.
  • Torts (and developing defenses applicable) by material and moral damages.


  • Opinions and advice on aviation law;
  • Incorporation of companies;
  • Advice for the related financing and leasing aircraft;
  • Advice for airlines, management-related legal claims, insurance and reinsurance, product liability, aviation, the Code of the Consumer - CDC, labor, tax, tax, customs, purchase and sale of aircraft and helicopters;
  • Representation of individuals and legal entities in administrative proceedings (FAA, arbitration or PROCON) and judicial nature of flying (or blackout overbooking by air);
  • Clarifications forward to Law No. 7565, OF 19 DECEMBER 1986 - Brazilian Code of Aviation - CBA, National Defense Strategy - END Provisional Measure No 495 of July 19, 2010 which deals with matters of Public Bids;
  • Advice for settlement and documentation of business against the National Civil Aviation Agency - FAA Registry or Brazilian Air - RAB;