Insurance and Reinsurance

• Legal consultancy specializing in the development of new products, overseeing the approval process with regulatory agencies in the analysis of policies and contracts and the production of opinions regarding the regulatory aspects of the industry.

• Comprehensive counseling for buying and selling of insurance and commercial portfolios and cover all aspects of transactions.

• Advice to business groups in setting up new ventures in the insurance industry, examining the formatting policies for corporate policyholders, mapping of risks and opportunities for improvement in the contracts, performance in claims handling and representation of clients in disputes involving administrative and judicial securitarian issues of diverse natures.

• Advice and monitoring in insurance contracts (policy terms) of real body, property, storage and transport of goods (air, sea, river, rail or road) in the country and abroad.

• Representation and involvement in cases before administrative and judicial authorities in causes involving insurance practices, co-insurance and reinsurance.

• Representation, negotiation and advisory business with the insurers, for solutions to issues involving payments of claims and indemnity business themselves and others.

• Performance and monitoring procedures and expert reports on the occurrences of goods in storage or injured during the carrying of industrial and commercial products.

• Representation and involvement in cases with regulatory agencies and inspectors of the insurance activities in Brazil (SUSEP and others).