The preventive advice is to monitor the activities of the Customer in order to minimize risks of labor, with the realization of acts, preparation of documents, analysis and other aspects related to various labor issues through consultation and solicitation of business, especially:

  • analysis of labor relations, risks, contingencies and actions needed;
  • preparation and / or analysis of all written documents to be issued by the company;
  • analysis and consideration of procedures and routines of labor;
  • analysis, preparation and verification of legal issues related to Company policy;
  • risk assessment and relevant considerations relating to internal procedures;
  • analysis and verification of layoffs and terminations - risks, restrictions and other matters;
  • analysis of relationships with third parties;
  • follow-up meetings on request;
    negotiations and drafting of individual and collective agreements, together with the employees and the union, upon request;
  • perform an audit to identify gaps and deficiencies in business;
  • verification of occupational hazards, minimize the possibility of workplace accidents, dangerous and unsanitary conditions.

Form of performance

The staff is accomplished through the development of opinions issued by professionals, upon customer request.

At times when agility is needed, options and notes may be made via email or phone service, with subsequent issuance of a formal opinion, when requested.

The opinions are grounded in the relevant legislation, doctrine and understanding of jurisprudence to date, consisting of the appointment of effective solutions to minimize risks to the client.

Employment Litigation

Monitoring of individual or collective labor claims and defenses before administrative regulatory bodies, with emphasis on achieving the following acts:

  • developing defenses and petitions;
  • preparation of all relevant resources;
  • hearings;
  • accompaniment of witnesses and representatives;
  • monitoring of judicial and administrative proceedings in all instances;
  • tracking skills;
  • tracking calculations expert;
  • reporting at intervals to be defined;
  • oral arguments in court.
  • Form of performance

The litigation consulting is done through direct contact with the customer since the beginning of the lawsuit or administrative, through meetings to collect data and information for the preparation of pleadings and relevant.

After the hearing and presentation of the defense is given all the necessary accompaniments to the res judicata of the lawsuit and the filing of administrative procedures.