The FRANCO DE CAMARGO & LAWYERS ASSOCIATED are prepared to advise clients in the region of Campinas in matters relating to environmental law, Agricultural (agribusiness), Urban Planning, Forestry, Oil & Gas, Mining and other themes that span the Environment.

The legal team is constantly updating and able to act in the face of technological innovations. The work is grounded by extensive study of environmental law enforcement along the front of the factual necessity of achieving sustainable development and the requirement for adequacy of law to this new reality.

With this focus, the firm provides solid advice to our clients in the mobilization of Environmental Law, with emphasis on the following topics:

  • Appraisals on
  • Environmental Auditor
  • Consultancy for Environmental Adjustment
  • Monitoring Administrative Processes ((IBAMA, FATMA, SISNAMA, SEMA, CONSEMA, CETESB
  • DEPRN environmental and other regulatory agencies, federal, state or local) and Judicial (civil public inquiry, Public Civil Action, the People's Action Collective writ of mandamus, etc.);
  • Criminal defense of individuals and companies in the environmental crimes). Possessory actions, for equal rights and demarcation, compensation claims, drafting and analyzing contracts and land lease rural partnerships and contracts for leasing of pastures and services, and works; assistance in cases of alienation of rural land for agrarian reform, with INCRA; defense in cases of expropriation, including negotiation of fair compensation.
  • Representation of individuals and legal entities in administrative and judicial processes of environmental
  • Representation of individuals and corporations in lawsuits involving diffuse and collective rights in the area of environmental law
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Area of Permanent Preservation (APP), Conservation Units (PU), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Environmental Basic (PBA), Simplified Environmental Report (SAR) , Neighborhood Impact Studies (EIV), Environmental Control Plan (PCA) Report Detailing of Environmental Programs (RDPA) Plans for Recovery of Degraded Areas (PRAD)
  • Environmental Licensing
  • Negotiation of Terms of Adjustment of Conduct (TACs)
  • Advice for defense in civil class actions or Environmental Liability. Police Power. Environmental Zoning and / or Green. Administrative Environmental Responsibility.
  • Advising Certificate (ISO - 14001)
  • Consultancy for Financing of Environmental Projects
  • Advice and Consultancy on use of natural resources, deforestation, pollution of air, soil, seas and rivers.
  • Carbon Credits
  • Environmental Management
  • Water Resources and Solid
  • Consulting for Real Estate and rental
  • Lectures, courses and seminars on environmental law and sustainability (special presentation before the Confederations Cup 2013, World Cup 2016 Olympic and 2014)


Mining Law

  • Monitoring of Administrative DNPM and agreements between the land-owners and holders of mining rights


Urban Law

  • Advising municipalities in drafting the Plan Director

Forest Law

  • Establishment of protected areas (PRNP), forest and easement for Legal Reserve


Oil and Gas

  • Administrative or Judicial representation in the National Petroleum Agency - ANP
  • Participation in Bidding promoted by ANP


Mining Law

  • Monitoring of mineral projects in phases of research, development or mining
  • Preparation of Opinions and consultation on Mining Law
  • Risk Assessment in Mining Titles
  • Advice on leasing of mineral rights
  • Representation for administrative and judicial defenses in charge of Financial Compensation
  • Exploitation of Mineral Resources - CFEM or front of the National Department of Mineral Production - DNPM
  • Negotiation and drafting of option contracts, acquisition, assignment and transfer of mineral rights and
  • Rental deposits