The FRANCO DE CAMARGO & LAWYERS ASSOCIATES is a law firm highly skilled in various areas of law.

Founded in 2009, based in Campinas, the firm has scope for acting in a multidisciplinary view of individuals and businesses with efficiency, agility and quality in order to generate maximum customer satisfaction.

The provision of legal services, especially in the face of the civil, business, labor and welfare, is realized with the support of many members located throughout Brazil.

A pioneer in the pension industry actually specializes in Campinas, FRANCO DE CAMARGO & LAWYERS ASSOCIATES was the brainchild of three young lawyers, passionate about the law. The idea was to spread the corporate law, labor and social security with the promotion of quality and security culture in the city.

From the beginning, the office was well accepted by the population, then picking up customers in the Campinas region. Situated in the heart of Campinas and in the midst of such success, has become synonymous with quality and style, wowing customers, employees and partners.

The success achieved by the office is the result of hard work, dedication, study, research and entrepreneurial vision and strong will of its creators who watched over by good service and convenience offered to customers.

The difference made by the office is in the experience of the harvest business, labor and social security for the performance of the founding partners for many different companies and people in the city.