1. Perform personal service to provide absolute customer satisfaction;
  2. Act with creativity, professional attitude, ethics and respect for the law.
  3. Maintaining a good working environment, striving for the training of qualified professionals, continually investing in their careers.




  1. Provide legal services with quality, dynamically, to protect the interests of our customers nationwide.




  1. "STUDY - The law constantly changes. If you do not follow their footsteps, you will be every day a little less lawyer."
  2. "THINK - The Right To Learn studying, but has thought."
  3. "WORKS - Advocacy is an arduous fatigue to the service of justice."
  4. "FIGHT - You must fight the law, but the day you meet the conflicting law and justice, fight for justice."
  5. "BE LOYAL - Loyal to your client, whom you must not leave until you understand that it is unworthy of you. Loyal to the opponent, even though it is unfair to you. Loyal to the judge who ignores the facts and must rely on your word, and that in law, some other time, must rely on what you invoke. "
  6. "TOLERATES - Tolerates others the truth as much as they want it to be tolerated yours."
  7. "HAVE PATIENCE - Time takes revenge of the things that are made without their cooperation."
  8. "HAVE FAITH - Have faith in law as the best instrument for human coexistence, justice, as the normal destiny of law, peace, kindness as a replacement for Justice and above all have faith in freedom, without which no human rights nor Justice nor Peace "
  9. "Olvidar - Advocacy is a struggle of passions. If in every battle you fill your soul with bitterness, there will come a day when life will be impossible for you. Finished the fight, as promptly forgets your victory as your defeat."
  10. "LOVE YOUR PROFESSION - Covers consider advocacy so that the day when your son asks you for advice about their fate or future, you consider yourself an honor to propose him to make a lawyer." (Eduardo J. Couture)